il faut continuer

Dear friends, patrons and companions

‘carried by fair winds’…

… the old year is drawing to a close, a year in which Ensemble SurPlus celebrated an anniversary – as did Arnold Schönberg’s ‘Pierrot lunaire’.

We would like to thank all those who partook of our festival concert on December 8 at the E-Werk in Freiburg.

Our thanks also go to those who accompanied us through the past year, the supporters of our various projects and our attentive audiences. Our gratitude extends as far as South Korea, where we had the opportunity to give two successful concerts with European and Korean music during the 40th Pan Music Festival in Seoul in the autumn.

The new year will see us continuing our travelling - through an invitation to the New Music Concerts in Toronto in January 2013 and in collaboration with the Experimentalstudio der Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung, works by Dániel Péter Biró, Dieter Mack, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf and Cornelius Schwehr will be premiered or performed for the first time in Canada.

Another mentionable date in 2013 is the recurrence of our residency during the summer courses at Schloss Solitude near Stuttgart.

Naturally we are also looking forward to playing numerous concerts ‘at home’ in the E-Werk in Freiburg.

We hope to see you again on one of these occasions and we wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2013!

Sincerely yours,
Ensemble SurPlus,

hoping to astonish with unexpected artistic perspectives in 2013:

[‚…and in a sublime style he paints his face with a fantastical moonbeam.’]

Documentation of the years 2009 - 2011

Ensemble SurPlus Documentation

Download the documentation as PDF-file (right-click on documentation and choose "Save as...")

The musicians of Ensemble SurPlus, together with their audiences, the composers,
and radio- and CD-listeners can look back on three seasons, in which Ensemble
SurPlus has expanded its activities and broadened its horizons.
Alongside their first guest appearances at Harvard-University, Boston, in Ecuador
and Korea, long standing institutional cooperation and international commitments
were maintained. Not only renewed invitations to Buffalo/New York, the home of one
of the leading festivals for new music in North America, but also the summer courses
at the Academy “Schloss Solitude“ in Stuttgart, run by an internationally acclaimed
group of composers were on the ensemble‘s programme. At the same time, activities
in Freiburg, where the ensemble is based, have been undergoing continuous
development. The pedagogically orientated projects such as workshops, lecture
concerts, discussion concerts have been intensified, not only targeting the expert
audience, but also a broad circle of recipients, for instance pupils at secondary
school or young instrumentalists, participating in a competition. Live recordings of
concert performances were broadcasted by “Südwestrundfunk“ and
“Deutschlandradio Kultur“.
The Ensemble also gained support from regional institutions, such as the
Cultural Office Freiburg and the Regional Council of Freiburg, from nationally
orientated institutions like the National Culture Foundation, as well as special support
for international activities by the Foreign Office (Goethe Institut). In 2010, the
ensemble received an award from the Ernst-von-Siemens Music Foundation with the
purpose of commissioning compositions for the ensemble - the works by Prof. Dieter
Mack (Musikhochschule Lübeck) and Prof. Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf
(Musikhochschule Leipzig) will be premiered 2012 at the anniversary concert in
celebration of 20 years of Ensemble SurPlus in Freiburg, the compositions by Prof.
Daniel Biró (Vancouver, Canada) will be premiered January 19th, 2013 in Toronto.
In the above mentioned activities, Ensemble SurPlus remained true to its
ideals - particularly by choosing outstanding works and concepts, regardless of the
possible difficulties. They thus not only overcame exceptional technical challenges
but have also developed a fresh approach to their performance modalities - on one
hand, performing under renowned guest conductors and on the other, rehearsing
extremely ambitious compositions either completely without a conductor or with an
ensemble member conducting. In addition to the actual rehearsing and performing,
the musicians themselves have deepened their pedagogical, musicological and
concert-didactical activities, and have hence contributed to the intensive cooperation
with institutions and musicians in Freiburg and beyond.



Welcome to Ensemble SurPlus’s new homepage

Il faut continuer (It must go on)

Retaining and restructuring

A time of upheaval

After a phase of upheaval Ensemble SurPlus is releasing its newly designed homepage.

The death of its founder, artistic director, pianist, conductor and friend James Avery in March 2009, left bewilderment, and deep sorrow amongst us all. This occurrence was felt deeply and has left its mark both within and outside of the ensemble.

After months of searching, renewing and restructuring, which far from being completed, Ensemble SurPlus is committed to presenting its creativity and musical potential for New Music and its dedicated public.

The decision to keep our promise regarding James Avery’s wish that Ensemble surplus should continue, was simple. In spite of all the changes that have become necessary, we wish to keep James’s optimism, integrity, integrative capabilities and his openness towards anything new. Who would have thought that one of the works we performed in our first concert that had the title- il faut continuer –(it must go on), would become our leitmotiv for Ensemble SurPlus?

Ensemble SurPlus

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